The New Millennium Tarot is conceived as a bridge between the esoteric knowledge of past ages to the new Aquarian age of enlightenment we are now entering. The advent of the computer has provided new tools for the expansion of human awareness and these tools provide a way to re-imagine the Tarot for the modern, quantum conscious, multimedia inspired, cyberculture. This New Millennium Tarot uses the latest computer imaging techniques combining digital photography, illustration, 3D rendering and A.I. image rendering to create a repository of knowledge about the human condition encoded in multilevel symbolic imagery. The flexibility of digital imagery allows the Tarot “deck” to be re-purposed into various different formats: web based and multimedia, interactive kiosks and video as well as print media like large format posters and a traditional card deck. The Internet, in particular offers many ways to expand the Tarot deck with hyperlinks from each imbedded symbol leading to a wealth of additional resources for the understanding of the imagery. As more dimensions of reality are translated into binary code and the kaleidoscopic knowledge space of the Internet, the need arises for new maps to navigate the rapidly expanding pathways of the mind. The Tarot has always been a model of our internal representational matrix of reality. By updating this model to incorporate new technologies the New Millennium Tarot aims to be the new map to the territory of the new mind.

I want this deck to be “practical” and usable as a divination and self exploration tool rather than just a collection of cool surrealist images. I have, therefore, based the card designs on the traditional medieval imagery of the early Italian decks with references to popular modern decks like the Rider/Waite and Crowley “Thoth” decks. The basic symbolic model that is used in the deck is the Kaballah and Astrology of the various Golden Dawn influenced schools of the Western esoteric tradition. Some attempts have been made to correct the deliberate obfuscation of the classic decks of the past and also broaden the meaning of the cards to include some other cultural and mythological references. The Hebrew letters and Astrological symbols associated with each card are prominently displayed to allow for a “quick read” by viewers who are versed in those disciplines. Other symbols are presented in as clear a manner as possible without resorting to antique heraldry or other obscure iconography.
The people chosen as models for the Major Arcana in some way embody the spirit of roles they are playing ( The Fool, for instance, is portrayed by Billy Barrett, a professional juggler, pantomime and performing artist who often appears at Renaissance Faires as a Court Jester or “Fool”) The image of the moon used in the cards was taken Dec. 22, 1999 ; The last full moon of the millennium, it was also at it’s closest approach since 1866 – and the moon was in cancer !! Many of the shooting sessions were conducted on dates that had Astrological synchronicity with the energy of the particular cards the subjects were being photographed for. All in all, I have attempted to incorporate many subtle energies into the creation of the deck in order to imbue it with real power befitting its “magikal” heritage.

The “cards” will be available as fine art “Giclee” posters ( 20″x30″ ) printed on archival watercolor paper and, hopefully, also published as a collectors set of cards and prints. Send all inquiries to: